Author M. J. Neary Announces Her Latest Title, “Martyrs and Traitors”

Kidnapped and held at gunpoint by his former IRB comrades, Bulmer Hobson, the misunderstood antihero of 1916, denounces the ill-fated Easter Rising he had tried to prevent. While his captors joke about shooting him and dumping his body on the railroad tracks, his terrified fiancee roams the chaos-ravaged city in search of him. Fifteen years of political rivalry, international conspiracy, botched love affairs, and taunting promises of glory culminate in a bloody showdown. Once branded ‘the most dangerous man in Ireland’ by the police, Hobson is about to be deleted from history. Based on historical accounts, Martyrs and Traitors is an intimate glance into the conflicted and shattered heart of Ireland’s discredited patriot.

“Neary’s latest imaginative foray into historical fiction introduces us to a broad tapestry of fighters for Irish freedom. This is not your usual recounting of the Rebellion. Here you will find Quakers and Countesses, actresses and aristocrats—all of whom are bound together by the desire to define their nation on its own terms.” ~Meghan Walsh, Managing Editor of The Recorder

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Meet the Author: Valerie Douglas

Author Valerie Douglas

Valerie is among a handful of authors who cross genres with ease. She writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and even erotic romance under her pseudonym V.J. Devereaux.

Valerie describes herself as a fan of authors from almost every genre, from Isaac Asimov to Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. See what I did there? Kind of an A -Z thing, except there’s no “Z” in the list.  (Note to self: Do not adopt pseudonym starting with letter Z.)

Valerie lives among a veritable menagerie of animals, including two dogs, four cats, an African clawed frog, and a husband. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Valerie Douglas”

Congratulations to Author Carol Wyer!

Friend and author Carol Wyer contacted me to share some great news about her book “Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines.” Not only was it featured in issue 125 of Yours magazine last week in the UK (readership of 600,000) but is currently in the Top 10 best selling books on FeedARead – which is the Arts Council new affiliated publishing wing. (She published through them and YouWriteOn). Carol wanted to encourage fellow writers to check out this publisher:

I’d like to encourage you to check out Carol’s book, “Miniskirts and Laughter Lines,” and her hilarious blog, Facing 50 With Humour.

What Reviewers Want (Part 2)

Artist's conception of a book reviewer

In part 1 of this series, we discussed what reviewers want to see (and do not want to see) from authors as regards actual writing. All that stuff is what constitutes the middle of the relationship between an author and a reviewer. There is something more to the relationship on either end.

The relationship begins with the submission of your magnum opus to the reviewer. Next you wait. You keep waiting. You check their website and still don’t see anything. Over an hour has passed, and you are starting to get nervous. My advice (and it really is mine alone—all the reviewers I interviewed were too polite to bring this up), is to keep waiting. Do not call. Do not e-mail. Do not fax. Do not “check in” to see how they like it so far.  Find something else to occupy your mind and your time, because it may take a while. Continue reading “What Reviewers Want (Part 2)”