Finding Readers with Yasiv

We’ve located your target audience!

As authorpreneurs, I think one of the major challenges we face is finding our audience. I know I had a heck of a time figuring out my target demographic when I started writing the Kate Jones Thriller Series. Who was I aiming at…er, I mean for? Who did I think would enjoy reading about a woman who made a huge mistake in her 20s and has been on the run ever since? With guns. And explosives. And really bad guys chasing her?

Did I mention guns?

I couldn’t really market them as romances, although there’s certainly some of that in the books. I toyed with the mystery moniker, but that didn’t fit either. So, I settled on thriller and action/adventure. But when I looked at the types of books in the thriller genre, I realized my character wasn’t your typical stoic, quiet-but-lethal dude. In fact, Kate’s got some issues and isn’t real quiet about them. My other character, Leine Basso, is more along the stoic and lethal lines. Both have boatloads of courage, though, and the storylines are fast-paced and action-packed, which can be found in most thrillers.

Enter Yasiv. I just ran across this site the other day and I’m still playing with it, but I think it’s going to help quite a bit in identifying the demographic for my books. Rather than guess what my target audience might be, Yasiv gives you a visual rendering of the actual connections to a specific product on Amazon—in this case, your book. Continue reading “Finding Readers with Yasiv”