Personal Appearance Troubleshooter

K. S. Brooks Reading from "Night Undone"
K. S. Brooks Reading from "Night Undone"

Last week I wrote about begrudingly participating in a public event. If you missed that post, you can read it here. Yes, I was a good girl, telling you all the reasons why you should pony up and “just do it.” Well, this week, I get to tell you how I really feel.

Many things can go wrong at an event. MANY. Unforeseen challenges, faux pas, wardrobe malfunctions and more are all a possibility. It’s best if you’re prepared, of course.  Here are some product suggestions which will help you prevent a number of heinous scenarios. Continue reading “Personal Appearance Troubleshooter”

Do I Have to?

K. S. Brooks at the PACA Awards
K. S. Brooks at the PACA Awards

Yes, you do.

We all have to do things we don’t enjoy. Personally, I loathe the thought of personal appearances. I’m quite happy being a curmudgeonly hermit. It’s very safe here in my secret mountain lair. But sometimes an invitation comes my way – and I know I have to say yes.

Public appearances and events really don’t hurt that much. They can be tedious, and usually the amount of time spent in preparation usurps the event itself.  So why do them? Well, unless you’re famous – or extremely eccentric – you sort of “have” to. Continue reading “Do I Have to?”

Self-Publishing Success Intensive

Ally Peltier and Internet marketing expert Angela Render invite you to join them for this one-day, info-packed intensive to learn everything you need to know for self-publishing success. The event takes place in Columbia, Maryland on March 31, 2012. See the  website  for details. Continue reading “Self-Publishing Success Intensive”

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