When Your PR Guy Clucks

weirdo the rooster sells booksMost writers think gimmicks are stupid. Well, I’m here to dispel that rumor. Gimmicks, if used effectively and “discreetly,” can benefit book sales greatly. Sometimes it’s not WHAT your gimmick is, but WHO your gimmick is. Yes, who. And my who has two legs, feathers, and at times, an attitude.

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Your PR Personality, by Author Tonya Kappes

Author Tonya Kappes
Author Tonya Kappes

To many authors, marketing and promoting is something very difficult to do. No matter what publication journey you are on, marketing and promoting is primarily up to you, the author.

Where can you start? The first thing about marketing and promoting that you need to figure out is your PR PERSONALITY!

You do have a PR personality. Believe it or not.

Me….I’m very outgoing. I love being with other writers, readers, and just about anyone. This makes me an extrovert personality, which is an outgoing overtly expressive person! Me?!!! OVERTLY EXPRESSIVE???!!!!!

The other side of the personality coin is the introvert, which according to MR. WEBSTER means a shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person.

Your PR Personality is the first thing you should recognize before you can create your marketing and promo plan. After all, you do need a plan. You are your marketing and promoting department. Continue reading “Your PR Personality, by Author Tonya Kappes”

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