Risky Business

Follow the rules, Lo-Lew!

Denied. How would you handle a situation where a post you had written was rejected?

Would you have a hissy fit and act like a spoiled brat? Would you over-analyze the denial, searching for some malevolent, secret motivation as the cause?

Last week the post I wrote for Indies Unlimited was declined. That is why “Spunky’s Present to You” was rerun. I wasn’t shirking my responsibilities as a contributing author, although coming up with tantalizing topics for you week after week is challenging. I had started writing one post and suddenly gotten a brilliant idea. My epiphany was a religious satire. Rather than stifle the flow of words pouring out of my brain I wrote it, knowing as it took shape that it was a risky piece. I realized when I finished editing it that it would probably not run, but I presented it anyway. The evil mastermind declined. Continue reading “Risky Business”

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