My Journey into App Land

Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm APP CoverIt’s been an exciting few months for me. I’ve been working with a developer to convert three Mr. Pish books into apps for kids. Sound cool? Indeed. Sound scary? More like.

One has to realize that I don’t even own a smartphone. My phone is so old and so dumb that its IQ is envious of the 31 on the Baskin Robbins’ ice cream sign. What’s my point? The learning curve – more like hurdle – over a huge chasm of technology and a completely different way of thinking. Anyone have a six-year-old who can help me out with this?

First came the contract. I looked it over closely, then had two smart friends take a gander. (I can’t afford a lawyer anymore, but since I played one on TV, I figure I’m okay.) Then, I asked a developer friend to check out the company. He did a thorough investigation and came back impressed. So, I proceeded. Coincidentally, and happily, I signed the contract on my 50th birthday. Pretty cool. Continue reading “My Journey into App Land”

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