Video Trailer: The Cobb Legacy by J. Conrad Guest

Author J. Conrad Guest shares the book trailer video for his mystery novel, The Cobb Legacy.

The Cobb Legacy is available for purchase through the Pulse Shop and at

Video Trailer: A Story Told by Chris LoParco

Author Chris LoParco shares the book trailer video for his epic Christian fantasy novel, A Story Told.

A Story Told is available for purchase in paperback and eBook at, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

Tuesday Tutorial – YouTube “Links”

Movie Clapper BoardEveryone knows if you’re an author with a published book, you’re supposed to have a video trailer. It’s become virtually mandatory. But many Indie Authors can’t afford to pay to have one done, nor do some of us have the knack for doing that kind of thing ourselves. But all is not lost.

If you have a YouTube channel, and if you have videos on that channel, there is still something you can do to help steer people towards your book(s).  It’s extremely simple but most of us don’t do it. (Yes, you can even do it on your book’s video trailer if you’re fortunate enough to have one.) Continue reading “Tuesday Tutorial – YouTube “Links””