Video Trailer: The Cobb Legacy

The Cobb LegacyCagney Nowak is writing a novel around the 1905 shooting death of baseball legend Ty Cobb’s father, William, by his mother a week before Ty was called up by the Detroit Tigers. Although she was acquitted by an all-male jury on the grounds that the incident was accidental, the townspeople of Royston, Georgia, thought otherwise. Gossip had it that Amanda Cobb was having an affair and that William, having told her he was going out of town on business, returned to catch her with her lover.

When Cagney begins to relive the night of the shooting in his dreams, he is led to discover his father’s deepest secret.

The Cobb Legacy, the mystery novel by J. Conrad Guest, is available for purchase through, Amazon UK, and most online booksellers.

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Sneak Peek: The Chicago Terminus

Today we have a sneak peek from author John C. Payne’s mystery novel, The Chicago Terminus.

Rod Richards hooks up with an old Army buddy who owns a P.I. agency. Richards is hired to track Shamus Fenerty, a trucking giant and big Democratic contributor suspected of infidelity. Later he is hired by a wealthy Vietnamese immigrant to find her son, given up to an orphanage at the fall of Saigon and subsequently adopted by a Chicago family. Green Bay and Door County Wisconsin will come into exciting play. The many twists and turns will keep the reader in suspense, not to mention Rod’s somewhat truncated personal life issues.

The Chicago Terminus is available through and Amazon UK.

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Video Trailer: The Shoulders of Giants

Jake Abraham has just fulfilled an ambition. After three years of grunt work for a detective agency, he’s finally got his private investigator’s license, and set up on his own. Jake is a child of the eighties, brought up by Jim Rockford, Thomas Magnum, and three beautiful girls who worked for a man named Charlie, so he thinks he knows what to expect.

His first case even seems like an easy one. All he has to do is find a missing girl. When she shows up dead, the latest victim of a serial killer, things get complicated.

The Shoulders of Giants, the mystery novel by author Jim Cliff, is available through and Amazon UK.

Sneak Peek: A Bittersweet Science

A Bittersweet Science by Mark JacobsToday we have a sneak peek from author Mark Jacobs’ new contemporary fiction book, A Bittersweet Science.

A Bittersweet Science offers an epic look into the world of big-time boxing from the perspectives of the many individuals who make up this frequently brutal, yet often entrancing sport. From the exploited fighters who bleed for pay to the scurrilous promoters and slick young television executives who make the backroom deals to the sardonic journalists who are there to record it all with a jaded eye. More than just a boxing story, A Bittersweet Science asks the profound question of whether the ends really do justify the means in a world without objective morality.

A Bittersweet Science is available on and Amazon UK as an e-book.

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