Book Blogger Spotlight: Bookaholic

Meet Wendy H. Jones, the force behind the book blog, Bookaholic. She has served  in both the Royal Navy and the British Army and has lived and traveled all over the world. Wendy credits her globetrotting with giving her a wide taste in reading, as sometimes it was difficult to find books in English.

She has been a passionate reader since an early age. “I drove the local librarians nuts as a child as I had read the entire children’s section by the time I was 10. I wanted to move on to the adult section, as I needed more books. Needless to say, being a determined little soul, I got my own way. My love for reading has never waned since that day. My love for blogging is an extension of this, as I love words. I have recently started writing a murder mystery series starring DI Shona McKenzie. With a name like that it will come as no surprise that the books are set in Dundee, Scotland where I live. Although from Dundee I have just returned here.”

Wendy is also an avid reader of Indies Unlimited. Continue reading “Book Blogger Spotlight: Bookaholic”