BookDigits…is it a ‘smarter way to explore books’?

BookDigits imageDedicated book reviewers sit down after they’ve read a book and compose an honest (hopefully!) review which they then plonk onto their reviewing blog site and, possibly or probably, on Amazon. The content of said review, generally, will be mostly about how much the reviewer liked or disliked the book. Some will be kind, favourable and constructive. Others will not. And the reviews will vary in length from a few sentences to a few paragraphs.

Is there any other way to review a book? There is, says BookDigits. In fact, they declare, it’s a “a smarter way to explore books” and “At BookDigits, we want to change the way you read and help you find your next favorite book. Traditional genres are too broad and vague to be useful, so BookDigits uses themes and special metrics instead.” Continue reading “BookDigits…is it a ‘smarter way to explore books’?”