Book Reviews for Sale: Tomoson

Tomoson LogoHere at IU, we do our best to stay up-to-date on sites that are helpful to indies, whether that’s advice on writing, lessons learned on self-publishing, or ways to market and promote books. Keeping our finger on the pulse is difficult, however, just because the digital world changes so rapidly. Since we’re not dealing with brick and mortar stores anymore, businesses can (and do) change their operating procedures at the drop of a hat. We’ve seen it over and over: a site starts out giving free information, but then suddenly a paywall goes up and you have to ante up to get the good stuff. Or a site offers free promotions, but then switches to a paid process. We all know it costs money to keep a business going, so moving to a paid service is not surprising. But like everything else online, the important thing to consider is: are you getting value for your money? Continue reading “Book Reviews for Sale: Tomoson”

Indies Unlimited Resource Pages

graduation capHere at Indies Unlimited, we are constantly trying to identify the needs of authors at all levels of the publishing spectrum. In an effort to provide useful information in a sea of internet data, we’ve recently introduced some Author Resource Pages. Some of our new resource pages include:.

I’ve Written a Book, How Do I Publish It?
This resource page includes articles on the entire process from proofreading to how to find an editor to the anatomy of a copyright page, all the way to pushing the publish button. It’s a great resource for newbies and experienced authors alike.


Glossary for Authors
Sometimes it’s just not obvious what abbreviations mean, and sometimes it’s just a wee little bit embarrassing to have to ask what someone’s talking about. This glossary will help.


How to Spot a Scam
Scammers change their company names all the time. The best way to protect yourself is to know what to look for. This resource page will teach you what you need to know, so you don’t become a victim. (And don’t forget out #PublishingFoul resource page.)


Reviews and Review Sites
As you hopefully know by now, IU does not review books. This handy resource page will help you figure out how to find the right reviewers for your book(s).


Book Promotion Sites
Martin Crosbie has been generous enough to share his list of book promotion sites with all of us. It is updated as new sites come to our attention. All those sites are checked by Martin before being added to the list.


This page contains all the useful IU articles arranged by tag. Know what you need? Just click on the subject which interests you and all the articles associated with it will magically appear. Yes, we did this just for you.


We’re adding new resource pages all the time. Please feel free to share these pages if you know someone in need, and please use the contact form if there’s a resource page subject you’d like us to research.

What Do Book Reviewers Really, Really Want?

come hither beauty reviewer -422700_640When we submit our masterpieces to a review site or blog hoping for some feedback (and of course a 5 star review on Amazon and Goodreads), there are rules. Each site has its own submission guidelines. We have to follow these of course, but sometimes, even when we stay within those parameters we’re still unable to attract the attention of those elusive reviewers. Well, they are busy. They’re all trying to wade through the virtual piles of eBooks that are submitted to them. I wanted to know, other than following the rules and presenting a professional product, what entices professional reviewers to check out a book.

I polled a few reviewers and I asked them one question (well, two actually):

Other than being attracted to a book because it falls within your favored genre, are there other factors that sway you in picking one book over another? If so, what are they? Continue reading “What Do Book Reviewers Really, Really Want?”

How is BookLikes for Authors?

Booklikes logoYou may have heard about BookLikes during the last Goodreads kerfuffle a while back, when people were looking for an alternative platform for sharing and promoting their books. I’m just now getting around to setting up my BookLikes info. Yes, as usual, I am right on top of things.

Signing up for BookLikes is super easy. You can even use your Facebook account if you don’t want to set it up using your email address. Continue reading “How is BookLikes for Authors?”