Comments on Comments

The feedback we received on the new super-duper comment system was overwhelmingly negative. It was
no cake-walk from the back end either, I can tell you.

After careful consideration and much rending of garments, we have decided to return to the previous comment system. We had hoped to bring new interactive dimensions to the commenting system, but there were simply too many hurdles for commenters to clear. Thanks to everyone who participated and provided us with input.

Progress Report’ll notice some changes at Indies Unlimited and more are on the way. The commenting system offers some new features, including the ability to vote comments up or down. Please feel free to test out the new comment system below and tell us what you think of it.

We are also working on a new subscription feature. This will allow subscribers to receive a daily digest. We are currently testing and honing it to make sure our subscribers will get the most from it. This feature is not yet available – so please be patient.

We hope you like the updated look of the site and will enjoy these new, enhanced features.

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