How Not to Prepare for a Radio Interview

Ron Letterman of WGMD interviews K.S. Brooks
Ron Letterman of WGMD interviews K.S. Brooks

Two weeks ago, I was scheduled to do a live radio interview with the talented Mr. Cyrus Webb on Conversations Live! Radio. Cyrus and I had worked together about a year ago, and I knew him to be professional, enthusiastic, and passionate about books. I was looking forward to the interview despite the fact I dislike doing promotions.

Cyrus Webb does his homework. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do mine. I had planned on having all three Mr. Pish children’s books in front of me, as well as print drafts of the three currently in the works. I was going to have a list of all the states and provinces Mr. Pish has visited. The call would take place in a relaxed, quiet setting, on a fully charged phone, and I was going to be the consummate professional.

There’s one thing I forgot to keep in mind: This ain’t no perfect world. Continue reading “How Not to Prepare for a Radio Interview”

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