I Have a Dream

By the time this post posts, the 2012 Olympics will be only a smattering of sweat, endorsement deals, and a few medals Michael Phelps dropped on the way home. Among the standout performances, two American gymnasts in particular caught my attention. Not for their cute outfits, toothpaste smiles, and medal counts, but for what was (and wasn’t) said about them. Gabby Douglas is African American; Aly Raisman is Jewish. These are facts. Sure, there were a few easy comparisons and benchmarks, as American media likes to put everything in tidy, “newsworthy” categories. But I considered these strong young women as Olympians and stultifyingly talented, well-trained athletes first, before even thinking about their cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

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How Not to Prepare for a Radio Interview

Ron Letterman of WGMD interviews K.S. Brooks
Ron Letterman of WGMD interviews K.S. Brooks

Two weeks ago, I was scheduled to do a live radio interview with the talented Mr. Cyrus Webb on Conversations Live! Radio. Cyrus and I had worked together about a year ago, and I knew him to be professional, enthusiastic, and passionate about books. I was looking forward to the interview despite the fact I dislike doing promotions.

Cyrus Webb does his homework. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do mine. I had planned on having all three Mr. Pish children’s books in front of me, as well as print drafts of the three currently in the works. I was going to have a list of all the states and provinces Mr. Pish has visited. The call would take place in a relaxed, quiet setting, on a fully charged phone, and I was going to be the consummate professional.

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K.S. Brooks Interviewed by Cyrus Webb

Author K.S. Brooks

In case you missed it, yesterday our own K.S. “Kat” Brooks was interviewed by Cyrus Webb of Conversations LIVE! radio and Conversations Magazine.

It was a riveting half-hour interview in which she spills all the dirt and names names. There is a distinct possibility she said something about you. Or maybe not. I recommend you find out though.

Okay, I may have made that part up. Mostly, she talks about Mr. Pish. Kat is very above-board and professional. It’s Pish you have to worry about. He knows things.

Congrats to Kat on a great interview!

Here is the audio of the interview:

Listen to internet radio with Cyrus Webb on Blog Talk Radio

Postcards from Mr. Pish Featured in Conversations Magazine

Postcards from Mr. PishK. S. Brooks’ Postcards from Mr. Pish, the first book in the educational children’s series featuring the friendly traveling terrier, appears in the latest issue of Conversations Magazine.  A smiling Atavion Webb displays his copy of Postcards from Mr. Pish in the article “Twelve New Year’s Resolutions for Kids: Stopping the Self-Entitled Mentality.”

For unknown reasons, they rejected my suggested title, “Stopping the Self-entitled Mentality: What’s in it for You.”

For more information on Conversations Magazine, go to www.conversationsmag.com. To learn more about the Mr. Pish educational children’s books series, visit www.MrPish.com.

And hurry up about it. Mr. Pish is a dog, so every minute he has to wait for you to click is like seven minutes in dog-time.


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