Anthems for Authors – Just Another Night

Ah, yes, Jude Cole: one of the most underrated and talented singer/songwriters in the music industry. His song Just Another Night is off the album entitled Start the Car. Not only does he kick lyrical ass, his harmonies and instrumentals are just amazing. And I’m not just saying this because somewhere I have a picture of us together.

Just Another Night has been one of my anthems since 1992. When I relocated to Maryland in 2001, I changed the lyrics to apply to moving to “the good old Eastern Shore.” And it’s certainly easy enough to substitute “standing in the lines to read the books I write.” I really recommend you get to know Jude Cole. Unfortunately, there is no video for this song. Just close your eyes, and imagine it’s you singing it. And now, Just Another Night by the amazing Jude Cole.

Just Another Night (Album Version)

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Anthems for Authors – Dancing in the Dark

Okay, how about we just get this out of the way first? Yes, it’s Courtney Cox. Yes, she was a plant. Yes, this video launched her career.

More importantly, there is one sentence near the end of this song that speaks to writers. The song builds up to it…and then, when he gets there, I always yell “I’m sicka sittin’ round here tryin’ to write this book.” And I’ve been doing that since 1984. And now, Dancing in the Dark by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

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Anthems for Authors – Paperback Writer

Being an author can make for a lonely life. Sometimes it’s nice to hear a song that captures the epitome or irony of being a writer. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear words and know for a fact that you and the lyricist “get” – and non-writers probably don’t. It’s kind of like an inside joke or being in a club with someone awesome, like the Fab Four. Yes, I’m talking about Paperback Writer by The Beatles.

This song is full of sarcasm. It makes me smile. How does it make you feel?

Anthems for Authors – Don’t Mean Nothin’

Being an author can make for a lonely life. Other than each other, many times we have no one to encourage or praise us – or even validate our existence. So when I hear a song about the struggles of being a writer, I like it – a lot. In this case, I think Richard Marx’s song could apply to anyone in the arts.

My favorite lines from this song are: “take a good look around and you’ll find, people trying to mess with your mind.” I love the defiant attitude. It’s something, as writers, we can all use. And now, Don’t Mean Nothin’ by Richard Marx.