Sneak Peek: John Farrell Is Utrinque Paratus

John Farrell Is Utrinque Paratus
by T.D. McKinnon

John Farrell has to be ‘ready for anything’ (Utrinque Paratus) as he is taken on a rollercoaster journey from his coalmining community origins in County Durham to Aldershot, the home of the British army, and to war torn Belfast; from London to the poverty ridden streets of Mexico City; from inside the infamous Wormwood Scrubs, to the South of France, to Glasgow, the Scottish Highlands, Berlin and Bangkok.

Along the way, influenced by the evil men do, inadvertently it seems, John kills: in desperation, in fear, in anger, in ignorance accidentally. Does that make John Farrell a bad person? You decide! Orphan, boxer, soldier, convict, writer, fighter, loyal friend, protector, loving family man and killer. Killing is something not only evil men do.

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Featured Book: Willow Pond

Willow Pond
by Carol Tibaldi

As the Roaring Twenties crumble into the Great Depression, Virginia Kingsley, owner of New York’s swankiest and most popular speakeasy, Bacchanal, learns her baby nephew has been kidnapped. Is she somehow involved? His movie star father and her niece must set aside their differences to work with Virginia and her shady contacts to find the stolen child. A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who befriends the mother may hold a key to the mystery.

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Fran Dorf Announces New Release

Saving ElijahAuthor Fran Dorf is pleased to announce the release of her drama, Saving Elijah.

Part ghost story, part family drama, and part psychological thriller, Saving Elijah tells the story of Dinah Galligan, who while keeping a desperate vigil over her comatose son, Elijah, meets the mysterious Seth Lucien in the corridor outside the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. A vain, outrageous spirit with a surprising connection to Dinah’s troubled past, and a master seducer’s awareness of her secret fears and regrets, Seth claims to know the future and tempts Dinah with a Faustian bargain: her son’s life for the use of her body. What mother wouldn’t willingly accept the trade?

Originally published in hardcover by G.P. Putnam & Sons, Saving Elijah was released in eBook in July 2012 by Fran Dorf’s Evolution Press. It is available for Kindle through, and Amazon UK.

“Like the best ghost stories, Saving Elijah is chilling to read, yet it’s impossible not to go on.” – Wall Street Journal

Book Brief: This Time You Lose

This Time You Lose

by  Chris Stralyn
Genre: Suspense
Approx. 75,000 words

What would you do if street thugs invaded your home? What if you’re a daycare provider, caring for a dozen children at the time? Lisa Kaamp, a most unlikely heroine, faces just such a nightmare in This Time You Lose, the suspense driven story of one woman’s struggle to survive when she and the children she cares for become victims of a home invasion gone terribly wrong.

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