Book Brief |The Briton and the Dane : Timeline

TimelineThe Briton and the Dane: Timeline
by Mary Ann Bernal
Genre: Historical Romance, Drama, Fiction & Literature
Word count: 56,802
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Dr. Gwyneth Franger, a renowned expert in early medieval England, is set upon learning the truth about the death of Lord Erik, the last descendant of the powerful House of Wareham. Her quest becomes an obsession, a condition that began with the discovery of a portrait of the tall and valiant warrior. Digesting troves of mildewed scrolls and source documentation only enhances her belief that Lord Erik was brutally assassinated by a cabal of traitors in the pay of William the Bastard, shortly before the onslaught of the Norman Invasion.

On an archeological dig in Southern England, Dr. Franger finds herself transported back to the Dark Ages and at the side of the noble Lord Erik who commands an army of elite Saxon warriors. Witnessing the unrest firsthand, Gwyneth senses that her instincts had been right all along, and she is determined to learn the identities of the treacherous blackguards hiding in the shadows, villains who may well be posing as Lord Erik’s friends and counselors.

Gwyneth knows it is wrong to stop the assassins, but isn’t sure she can find the strength to walk away and watch her beloved Erik die. Will she intervene, change the course of history and wipe out an entire timeline to save the man she loves? Continue reading “Book Brief |The Briton and the Dane : Timeline”

Featured Author: Silvano Williams

Silvano Williams was born in Puerto Rico in 1975 and moved to Houston, Texas during his teen years. There he went to High School and College and began courses to obtain a Minor in Creative Writing. During his school years, Silvano became an avid reader and writer for the sole purpose of mastering the English language. Although his writing generally received a good reception, he did not take his talents seriously, so he gave away many of his stories to friends or simply threw them away. Not being able to jump into a field of study relating to the entertainment business, coupled with having to make several hard choices in his life, he refocused his career and dropped out of college.

With the advent of computers becoming a common household item and a new technology era happening during that time, the choice between a career path and his artistic nature became a logical affair, and Information Technology became his new passion while writing was set aside as a hobby. However, after almost two decades of daydreaming and enjoying the emergence of new mediums of entertainment and publishing, Silvano has reopened the doors to his imagination planning to expose the world to the crazy universes living inside his head. Currently, he resides in Katy, Texas with his wife and two children. And yes, they think he is crazy too.

Lear more about Silvano from his Amazon author page and his website.

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Sneak Peek: Heather Skye Wilson Is the Psychic Warrior

Heather Skye Wilson Is the Psychic Warrior
by T.D. McKinnon

2087: Twelve year old Heather Skye Wilson, psychically gifted child protégé, daughter of two of the world’s leading diplomats for ‘World Unity’, is abducted by terrorists. The traumatic experience, acting as a catalyst, launches her into her ‘Control Point’ – a phase of psychic development, where she encounters Ewan MacGreggor, 10th century Highland warrior and Clan Chief: her first incarnational contact – helping to save her life.

Coming to terms with growing up, physically and emotionally, while connecting with an increasing number of her incarnations and struggling with her psychic development, Heather is drawn progressively into the ‘World Unity’ cause: emissary, diplomat and, eventually, special agent.

This is an action-packed, multi-dimensional, speculative-fiction, thriller that spans the globe and the ages.

Heather Skye Wilson Is the Psychic Warrior is available through, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores.

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How Breaking Bad Made Me a Better Writer

As I’ve said before, I live in the middle of nowhere. We don’t even have cable TV. In order to get any TV, you need satellite. Well, our phone company about a year or so ago promised us we would have cable this year (2012). Umm, yeah, didn’t happen. So, since we have lovely DSL internet, we decided to do Netflix.

I normally don’t like shows like Breaking Bad. It’s not my normal viewing fare. My hubby got me into watching it—we watch 1 episode every morning as we eat breakfast. At first I didn’t like it, it was drama, drug-related, and in general, rather crude. But something happened after the first few episodes: I found myself looking forward to the next episode. Why? Suspense. Continue reading “How Breaking Bad Made Me a Better Writer”