Prepping for a Comic Con

Lexington Comic ConLast March, I attended the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention (LCTC) in downtown Lexington Kentucky. It was about a two hour drive for us — not bad considering the fickle weather the area can have. It was my first con ever, and I went as a spectator. Wow, was I blown away! While the LCTC isn’t huge, it’s still draws celebrities and brings in over 20,000 people during the three-day event.

While perusing the hundreds of booths, I discovered not all of them are totally comic-related. There were folks selling cosplay gear, novelties, toys, and even one booth selling cute furry little sugar gliders. And there were authors — a fair number of them. That got my mind churning. So when we got home, I jumped on the computer and started doing research. A check of my author’s bank account left me feeling reasonably comfortable that I could afford this. Continue reading “Prepping for a Comic Con”

Walking The Runway

Mr. Pish for President

A new feature offered at Indies Unlimited is “You Asked For It.” Elina Castro asked, “What are the latest ideas/techniques in platform building?”

Our own K. S. Brooks recently discussed the importance of social media in platform building, and you can read Kat’s article here. There are, however, many additional pieces to the platform puzzle. In order for us to be on the same page I will quote from a book I really like, Get Known Before The Book Deal by Christina Katz. Just because we are part of the exciting Indie movement doesn’t mean we can’t appropriate ideas from traditionally published authors and their support team. Continue reading “Walking The Runway”

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