Featured Book: Stories of Genesis (Volume 1)

Stories of Genesis (Volume 1)
by Chris James
Available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Smashwords.

A new kind of fan fiction. Five original short stories inspired by characters which feature in songs from the rock band Genesis.

In Mr Magrew’s Incredible Journey, the creature from A Trick Of The Tail recounts his adventure over the Hills of Night, to a strange land where the natives had neither horns nor tails.

The Chat Show Host, inspired by the song Duchess, sees TV interviewer Jason ‘JJ’ Jones about to host the singer Duchess on his show, as she promotes her comeback album. But JJ knows her dark secret, and plans to destroy her comeback so his own career can finally take off.

In One Regret, the narrator from Dreaming While You Sleep reaches the last day of his life, and relives the moment twenty years earlier when he fell asleep at the wheel.

The Final Battle tells the full story of Supper’s Ready, as the guardians of Earth are forced once again to do battle with the Eternal Sanctuary Man. Unknown to the guardians, the Eternal Sanctuary Man has a new and powerful army. The guardians are all but destroyed, and the Eternal Sanctuary Man drags the few survivors to his farms. Only one guardian, Captain Amon, can thwart the Eternal Sanctuary Man’s plans – if he can survive long enough.

In The Agent Lunges, inspired by the song Down And Out, an author receives a phone call from a copyright agent, who gives him a nasty surprise.

How To Make Money From Fan Fiction

I would love to be a fly on the wall at Amazon when they devise new programs like Kindle Worlds. They are capitalists to the core, and I’m not saying this is a bad thing. If there is a way to make a profit in the changing digital landscape they will figure it out.

Kindle Worlds is Amazon’s answer to the unsated need for quality fan fiction. Fan fiction, a written piece of work not officially sanctioned by the original creators, is tremendously popular. On the site http://www.fanfiction.net there are hundreds of communities where the obsessed fans can share their stories. The site http://harrypotterfanfiction.com contains over 80,000 stories about the world of Harry, Hogwarts, etc. The fan fiction movement has been growing at a rapid pace and the time was ripe for Amazon to come up with a way to cash in on the trend. Continue reading “How To Make Money From Fan Fiction”