Book Brief: Laying Claim

Laying ClaimLaying Claim
by Paty Jager
Genre: Historical Romance
Word count: 92,000

Jeremy Duncan commits to haul one last load of supplies across the great interior of the Yukon before heading home. But, he has to trade his pack animals for sled dogs and leave Skagway in the middle of a blizzard due to one strong-willed, business-minded beauty.

Determined to find her older brother, Clara Bixbee doesn’t care how she gets across the pass, as long as she does, and soon. Hiring handsome pack guide Jeremy Duncan seems to be her best choice. Especially after she saves a young girl being beaten by the local gang leader and needs to escape Skagway fast.

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Book Brief: Darkest Day

Darkest DayDarkest Day
by K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns
Genre: Historical Fiction
Word count: 63,595

On the tragic day of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the nation mourns the loss of a president who stood for radical change and whose charisma carried him through the masses with never before seen devotion. Kennedy’s determination to pay the U.S. back for his good fortune never wavered, with a presidency riddled in strife from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Cold War and finally to the Vietnam conflict nothing was easy for him.

In this novel, Kennedy isn’t on a world tour or even in Texas in 1963. Instead he is in the Alps recovering from back surgery, a ruse that he had planned with Bobby, and his double months in advance of the tour. With the oval office tapped and the ever-present Bobby running interference there was little likelihood that anyone would realize this was not the president. In fact, no one did.

Now, the world believes their beloved president is dead, there is no going back for Jack. While the decisions are difficult, it is far better to leave his ‘death’ alone than to risk political failure for his family clan and ridicule for his young widow.

Kennedy must now take on another face, name, and identity. Who is behind the assassination? What was the ultimate goal in killing the president? Was it to topple the American government and take down the Kennedy’s with it? Find out in this action packed conspiracy novel.

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Video Trailer: The Wall of Broken Dreams

wall of broken dreamsDuring the height of the Vietnam War, a Chicago street kid, boxer, and blues guitarist – Johnny Richards – is drafted and sent to fight with an elite Army combat platoon in Vietnam. On an “in country” R&R at Vung-Tau, Johnny meets and falls in love with Mai, a local Eurasian beauty. Johnny and Mai engage in a five day whirlwind romance, and they plan a life together in the USA after the war.

But shortly after returning to his combat unit, Johnny takes a bullet for a buddy and is gravely wounded on a combat air-assault into an enemy stronghold. Are Johnny and Mai allowed to live out their dreams? In 1983, at The Vietnam Memorial, better known as “The Wall,” Johnny’s hopes, dreams, and survival come face-to-face with an emotional but spiritual realization that can only be his.

The Wall of Broken Dreams, the historical fiction book by author Duke Barrett, is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and other online retailers.

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Book Brief: Counter Currents

Counter Currents - historical fiction by Shaun McLaughlinCounter Currents
by Shaun J. McLaughlin
Genre: Historical Fiction
Word count: 104,000

Counter Currents, the 2013 silver medal winner for Historical Literature Fiction – Modern (set 1500-1940 AD) from by Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards, is set in the Patriot War, an almost forgotten border conflict, where rebels attacked Canada 13 times from the USA. Among the raiders was Bill Johnston, the St. Lawrence River historical legend.

Ryan, 19, arrives in colonial Canada at the outbreak of the 1838 Patriot War. He is drawn into Bill Johnston’s world of smuggling and secret societies set in the beauty and grandeur of the Thousand Islands. Ryan falls for Johnston’s daughter, Kate, and is coached by her older cousin Ada on how to capture Kate’s heart. Ada develops feelings for Ryan and he in turn grapples with his attraction to Ada.

Circumstances drive Ryan into a web of piracy and rebellion. Each step Ryan takes closer to a peaceful life as Kate’s husband is matched by deeper entanglement in a glorious but lost cause. Tugged by the opposing currents of romance and war, Ryan struggles to reconcile his family history, his duty and his heart. The story builds on real events surrounding the Patriot War and stays close to historic facts. It is history illuminated by fiction.

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