Plot Twist: Romance Writers of America

burning cityAuthors who write romance are required to include a few stumbling blocks in the path of their protagonists on the way to their happily-ever-after. But their largest professional organization, Romance Writers of America, has hit a stumbling block so high that the group’s survival is in doubt.

It all started back in August, when Continue reading “Plot Twist: Romance Writers of America”

Book Brief: The Sense of Darkness

The Sense of Darkness Book CoverThe Sense of Darkness
by Cinzia De Santis
Genres: suspense, romance, thriller
Word Count: 64,915

A world of intimacy, of smell and touch, is all Clara knows. Blind from birth, she is gifted with an extraordinary sense of smell which guides her through life. Raised by her aunt Trinidad in a small village in Latin America, Clara becomes a renowned healer. She can smell people’s diseases and can heal them with her special recipes. Their lives fall apart when members of a guerrilla gang bring to their home a wounded prisoner whom Clara has to heal. While she struggles to understand the feelings he produces in her, Trinidad’s past returns, carrying the power of an obsessive love. But will it be enough to save her and Clara’s lives?

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Cinzia, how did you come up with the title for your book? Does it have any special meaning?
The title has a dual meaning. Clara, the main character, is blind, but her extraordinary sense of smell allows her to flourish despite the darkness. Just as important, the violence that closes in on her small village threatens her life – but even that darkness can have a sense, a meaning. Continue reading “Book Brief: The Sense of Darkness”

Featured Book: Pursued by a Dragon

Pursued by a Dragon by Linda K. HopkinsPursued by a Dragon
by Linda K. Hopkins
Genres: historical fantasy
Available from and Amazon UK

There are creatures who walk this earth that disguise themselves as humans, but who have fire flowing through their veins – the most powerful and dangerous creatures on Earth. Is it possible for such a creature to love and be loved by a woman who is merely human?

Book Excerpt:

“I have a theory as to why you keep denying me,” he said. His eyes seemed to glow even more as he leaned closer to her, the heat from his body touching hers. Her back was against the wall, and she pushed herself against the cool surface, trying to create some distance between them, but he followed her, bending his mouth towards her ear.

“I think it is a futile attempt to put me out of your mind,” he said softly. “I think the memory of me pursues you at every turn, just as yours does me. Am I right?”

No, Cathryn wanted to scream, but she could not make the falsehood form on her lips. Instead she stared at him mutely as he watched her.

“I thought so,” he said, with a note of satisfaction.

What others are saying:

“Linda’s books have all been great and this one is no different.” – Theresa Thomas, Amazon Reviewer

Featured Book: A Year with Geno

A Year with Geno by Annette DrakeA Year with Geno
by Annette Drake
Categories: Women’s Fiction
Available from and Amazon UK.

Faced with an eviction notice, single mom Caroline Taylor hunts desperately for a new home in Eagle River, Alaska. After failing to find a rental, she moves into the basement of single parent Geno D’Antoni. Despite angry ex-spouses and the challenge of raising four boys, friendship blossoms into love.