Meet the Author: T. A. Bradley

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, T. A. (Thomas) Bradley lives in Conshohocken, PA with his fiancée, two German shepherds and a cat. He served with the Army Medical Corps during Vietnam as a Clinical Specialist. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology, his Master’s work done in Virology He has worked for a number of biotech companies as a virologist and has co-authored several scientific papers and given presentations for The American Society for Virology and The American Society for Microbiology. From time-to-time he consults on virology laboratory safety issues.

He is the author of several short stories, with three published novels, Relic of the Damned: (Vol.1) , The Coming, Relic of the Damned: (Vol.2) Carpe Noctem and Primordia, with three additional novels in the works. His short stories, The Last Transaction and House for Sale have appeared in Issue #10 of Horror Bound Magazine. Weeping Willow was originally published in 2009 in Horror Bound print magazine and has been picked up as a reprint and is available in John Betancourt’s WildSide Press’s Vampire Megapack, along with authors such as: Bram Stoker, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and John Gregory Betancourt. Continue reading “Meet the Author: T. A. Bradley”