Deduction, Deduction … What’s Your Function?

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are running a business with our writing. Sure, some consider it a hobby, but if you are paying expenses and receiving income, then no matter how big or small, you’ve got yourself a business.

Is this a Deduction?

Last week, I gave you an overview of what your options are in regards to establishing a corporation. Today, we will focus on ways to leverage the advantages to being self-employed. It doesn’t matter whether you incorporate or remain a sole proprietor, all the tips today apply to both. I hope this will serve as a nice checklist for you when sitting down to do taxes. Continue reading “Deduction, Deduction … What’s Your Function?”

What Kind of Business Is My Writing Business?

One thing for sure here at Indies Unlimited: you never know what I’m going to blog about next. As indie authors and publishers, we need to fine-tune our businesses. Everything from cover art to social media is fair game as we build our platforms and ultimately our enterprises.

Most of us in this field have jumped in with both feet. Maybe we are working a “real” job on the side or have turned a hobby into a business. It’s hard enough for us to write daily, edit, revise and build our business; we sometimes overlook the implications for the dollars that we earn. Continue reading “What Kind of Business Is My Writing Business?”