IT’S THE LAW IN CANADA: Legal Deposit of Publications

Library-and-Archives-Canada-Legal-Deposit-InformationSince January 1, 2007, it is the law in Canada that all publications, with few exceptions, must be registered with Library and Archives Canada. Shame on me. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. And I’ll bet many other Canadian authors don’t know either. So let’s fix this so we’re all obeying the law and won’t have the Archive police chasing us.

To be fair to myself, I did know my paper books needed to be sent to the Archives and had done that. What I didn’t understand was that they wanted all versions – not only the paper ones but the digital ones as well. I thought one print copy of each book was enough. It wasn’t. Continue reading “IT’S THE LAW IN CANADA: Legal Deposit of Publications”