Publisher Interview:
Little Acorns Publishing

Kristina Jackson is the CEO and Queen Bee of Little Acorns Publishing Ltd. (LAP) She says, “While we have our grounding in a mix of paperback and eBook publishing, we are working towards more individually tailored marketing packages to give our authors best advantage. We also believe each author is an individual, working to ensure the contract meets their requirements as well as having flexible timescales.”

Kristina established Little Acorns Publishing in May of 2012, but her company is already making good progress. “We have five paperback titles and seven eBook titles this year. Next year sees the increase of this to a further eleven titles.”

LAP covers a broad range of genres, but is not interested in Zombies or books which contain excessive use of profanity or violence.

Because Kristina works with her authors to develop individual marketing strategy plans, she says it can be up to six months between having a book accepted and going to publication.

The buzz on LAP has been very positive. Kristina’s authors love her and speak highly of their experience with LAP. Kristina believes in being accessible and responsive to her authors. She says, “Most of all we are friendly and approachable. Please feel free to chat things through with us.” Continue reading “Publisher Interview:
Little Acorns Publishing”