New Indie Releases – New Year’s Edition

It’s a new year – so here are some new books to check out to start off 2015.

Hot in the Saddle by Ciana StoneHot in the Saddle by Ciana Stone

Four ranchers as hot as the Arizona desert who all think that love is not in their cards. 4 men, 4 stories, 4 chances to fall in love.

Hot in the Saddle is available from and Amazon UK.

The Sense of Darkness Book Cover 120x177The Sense of Darkness by Cinzia De Santis

Blind from birth but gifted with a rare sense of smell, Clara is a famous healer. Her world shatters when a dying man bursts into her life.

The Sense of Darkness is available from and Amazon UK.

Traceless by Joanne Clancy 120x177.
by Joanne Clancy

Traceless. Some people should never be found.

Traceless is available from and Amazon UK.

Dead Girls Dont Blog 120x177Dead Girls Don’t Blog by Pamela Frost Dennis

The man who brutally murdered Katy McKenna’s childhood friend is up for parole and she’s determined to stop it. Will she be his next victim?

Dead Girls Don’t Blog is available from and Amazon UK.

Tears for a World by Alexander Fernandez 120x177Tears for a World by Alexander Fernandez

A bloody vein is the key to releasing the Creator from prison. Holding the vein, Marisylia must decide if the Creator has truly repented.

Tears for a World is available through and Amazon UK.

New Indie Releases – Holiday Edition

Looking for some last-minute presents? eBooks always make awesome gifts – so check out these new titles and gift away.

Zero Anaphora by Luke Brimblecombe 120x177Zero Anaphora by Luke Brimblecombe

A young woman gives up her career in order to conduct a mysterious social experiment upon an unsuspecting lover.

Zero Anaphora is available from and Amazon UK.

Exodus 2022 by Kenneth G. Bennett 120x177Exodus 2022 by Kenneth G. Bennett

A 28-year-old man learns that the hallucinations destroying his mind contain clues to a looming global calamity.

Exodus 2022 is available on and Amazon UK.

The Copy by Grant Boshoff 120x177The Copy by Grant Boshoff

A geneticist and his clone struggle to maintain balance as their moral compasses diverge, leaving one dead and the other on trial for murder.

The Copy is available from and Amazon UK.

The Last Challege by Sharon Karaa 120x177The Last Challenge by Sharon Karaa

A veritable melting pot of family, witchcraft, magic, adventure and love.

The Last Challenge is available at and Amazon UK.

The Revenant 120x177The Revenant by Elise Abram

The Revenant saves those in Morgan’s visions from horrible fates. But when a necromancer is raised from the dead, can they escape his wrath?

The Revenant is available through, Amazon UK, and all major online bookstores.

New Indie Releases – Thanksgiving Edition

It’s almost Black Friday and Cyber Monday (for those outside the USA – those are the busiest shopping days of the year) – so check out these new titles for your holiday lists!

almost perfect christmas 120x177An Almost Perfect Christmas by Donna Fasano

Can the magic of Christmas transform make-believe vows into a real marriage?

An Almost Perfect Christmas is available for eBook and in print from, Barnes & Noble, Amazon UK, and all online booksellers.

Paladins Odyssey 120x177Paladin’s Odyssey by Bruce Fottler

Joseph Paladin is a national hero everyone thought they knew, but is he really someone who deserves the esteem?

Paladin’s Odyssey is available on and Amazon UK.

Trip-n-Die 120x177Trip ‘N Die by Meg Frith

TRIP ’N DIE – At 20, Jen’s trying to piece together the rules for adulthood. A funny, fast-moving and heartwarming tale of social incompetence.

Trip ‘N Die is available from and Amazon UK.

Shadow DaysShadow Days by Melinda Clayton

Upon her husband’s death, Emily Holt vows to drive to the end of the road, which she’s surprised to find is in Cedar Hollow, West Virginia.

Shadow Days is available at and Amazon UK.

Forever the Road 120x177Forever the Road by Anthony St. Clair

** Travel. Destiny. Beer. ** When an evil as old as the world awakens, only three wanderers can prevent the annihilation of all life.

Forever the Road is available through, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.