Release Day Mania

Bulletproof - Share the PostEven with the introduction of pre-order publishing across the board, I still think a book’s release day is a really big deal. A song and dance needs to be made on the day your book goes live. You really want as many people to buy your book on the day of release as possible. Your rankings have a better chance of soaring in that first week than at any other time. I mean, yes, you can do a sale later on in the book’s life and pay for advertising – that’s actually a really smart move, but release day rankings are a sweet spot that should be taken advantage of.

So – how do we get the world buying, or noticing, your book on its release day? While there are many different techniques out there, here are a few I’ve used: Continue reading “Release Day Mania”

John Mulhall Announces New Release

Author John Mulhall is pleased to announce the release of his new supernatural thriller, Geddy’s Moon.

Geddy’s Moon is a supernatural thriller centered around Tyler, an amnesiac, drifting aimlessly, struggling to regain his lost memories. When he arrives in Geddy’s Moon, a sleepy town in the middle of the Kansas wheat fields, he finds himself tormented by nightmares that grow more unsettling each night. What horrific events took place before Tyler arrived in Geddy’s Moon? As the pieces of his fractured memory begin to fall into place, he fears that it may already be too late to keep himself, and those he’s begun to care about, safe from a vicious evil.

“This is definitely a page turner that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time!!” – Nicole J.’s Book Blog.

Geddy’s Moon was released by Blanket Fort Books on February 20, 2013 and is currently available from and Amazon UK.

Russil Tamsen Announces New Release

Author Russil Tamsen is pleased to announce the release of his new flash fiction collection, Burst.

Slightly demented stories inspired by actual dreams. This collection of 130 quick reads is perfect for when you’re sitting on the john, or you’re needing a quick fiction nibble over lunch. Or you’re just feeling too A.D.D. to commit to a novel. Destined to become the kind of cult classic that William S. Burroughs would pass around to his friends. Also influenced by Tom Robbins and Chuck Palahniuk. BURST is full of memorable, off-kilter characters entangled in uncomfortable comedies of errors and misadventures: from a Guy Ritchie informed thug to telepathic aliens, and more!

Burst was released by in January 2013 and is currently available from and Amazon UK.

Thomas Cardin Announces New Release

Author Thomas Cardin is pleased to announce the release of his new high fantasy novel, The Final Warden.

While hordes of demons and raiders of Zuxra ravage the world of Vorallon, people of pure spirit have made the pilgrimage to the fortress city of Halversome. Now, after a season without word from beyond their walls, a new pilgrim has arrived. Though scarred and bereft of memory, Lorace bears an orb of godstone that proclaims him a chosen hero of the Old Gods. He must undergo the Ritual of the Forge where the godstone will become a weapon of destiny. Haunted by nightmares and uncertain of the trust placed upon him, can Lorace become the Final Warden Vorallon needs?

The Final Warden was released on January 26, 2013 and is currently available from and Amazon UK.