Fighting the Good Fight

Guest post
by Ritu Gupta

I love gardening. I plant my seeds and nurture them through the most delicate stage of their evolution. I plant them in nutrient rich soil and water them sparingly. I put them in a warm and sunny spot and let them cook.

The seeds discover their own truth within and believe in it strongly enough to break through the soil that cocoons. They learn to grow within, expanding their roots so that they can stand tall expressing their own authentic natures. Continue reading “Fighting the Good Fight”

Humanity and Madness: A link


It’s mad, really, what people get up to, what complicated schemes they devise for themselves and others. Perhaps it’s because we are all born into complication that we cannot escape it, and we weave more threads into the madness of it all.

The knowledge trap is perhaps the highest form of madness there is. We cannot jump off the merry-go-round of believing we “know” stuff and can teach it to others. Or that to “know” stuff will give us a better life or a more prestigious career. Or that to “know” stuff makes us somehow better than the next guy who “knows” less. Continue reading “Humanity and Madness: A link”