So This is What It’s Like in the Real World

Wow, so this is what it’s like over in the East Wing. Nice. I’ve been stuck in the dungeon for the past year and a half. Ooh! Windows! No one ever told me that you could actually see the sun and clouds. I bet the gruel is better over here, too.

I really like what you’ve done to the place. It looks different from when I came through here last time, sometime around the beginning of 2012. And people! There are tons of readers and writers hanging out here, too! Continue reading “So This is What It’s Like in the Real World”

How to Write a Blog Post

[This is a satiric look at writing a blog article. Though the principles are generally true, if you’d like a more serious look at the subject, please see my tutorial How to Write a Blog Article.]

Lately, the minion brain trust has been grumbling and whining about coming up with topics for blog posts. I don’t really get that, as I am a never-ending fount of ideas. But that gave me an idea. Maybe a lot of people have trouble writing blog posts. As usual, I am here to help with a handy guide on the subject.*

First, get an idea. It can be anything, really. For example, maybe you want to write an article on how to write blog posts. Introduce the concept by stating the issue: Coming up with blog posts can be a challenge. Continue reading “How to Write a Blog Post”