Video Trailer: Extreme Measures

Extreme Measures
 by Rachel Carrington

When her brother killed her parents, Erin’s life changed, and her marriage disintegrated. Her husband, Matt, an FBI agent, had done his duty and arrested Stuart, but she’d been too caught up in her own grief to allow him to help her move through the pain.

Now Matt is back but not to attempt reconciliation. Stuart has escaped prison and wants Erin dead. Matt will protect her whatever it takes, but Stuart is a desperate man and won’t be stopped easily.

Matt and Erin battle to stay alive while trying to put the pieces of their destroyed lives back together.

Extreme Measures, the romantic thriller, is available through, Amazon UK, and Barnes and Noble.

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Devon Marshall Announces New Release

Dante's Awakening Author Devon Marshall is pleased to announce the release of her romantic thriller, Dante’s Awakening.

The first book in a new series, Dante’s Awakening follows the (mis)adventures of Dante Sonnier, a successful Hollywood agent and friend to the secret community of vampires living in Los Angeles. When the Children of Judas, a two-thousand-year-old sect of murderous, rebel vampires shunned by their own kind, rise up and threaten to expose the whole community, Dante travels to a small town in upstate California to investigate on the vampire leader’s behalf. Just to complicate matters, she is accompanied by Ellis Kovacs, a beautiful, sexy, and thoroughly stubborn vampire determined to seduce Dante…

Dante’s Awakening was released in May 2012 by Untreed Reads. It is available on, Amazon UK and Barnes and Noble as an e-book.