How to Sideload a Kindle 2017 Edition

how to sideload a kindle IMG_2348Back in 2013, I posted a tutorial on how to sideload your Kindle. As we all know, however, time, tide, and technology wait for no man or woman. Sometimes we have to jog — or even run — to keep up. So we decided it was time to update that particular post.


There are a couple of ways you can add files to your Kindle without involving an eBook seller like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Probably the Continue reading “How to Sideload a Kindle 2017 Edition”

How to Sideload a Kindle

“Well, how do, ma’am. You must be new in town. I’m wonderin’ iffin I could help you up on that thar sidesaddle of yourn. Just put your left foot here in mah hands and I’ll boost you up…”


Oh, sideLOAD, not sideSADDLE. Sorry.

Most of us know that Amazon sends us its Kindle e-books via that rainbow that arcs gently across the sky from Amazon-land to wherever we are, wirelessly, invisibly and oh so easily. But did you know you can also sideload your Kindle? That means transferring files to your Kindle from your computer. Don’t worry; it’s not rocket surgery. It’s actually very easy.

First, take a look at the power cord of your Kindle. (Mine is old, second generation, so yours may look different.) If you’ve never noticed, that fat, fancy plug-in is actually two plugs in one. If you pull off the AC plug, you’ll find underneath a regular USB plug. Plug this end into your computer’s USB port. Your computer should recognize the “new hardware” and will list your Kindle as a drive on your directory tree. (More about this later.) Continue reading “How to Sideload a Kindle”

Stuff Your Kindle

A few of you have a Kindle in one of its numerous incarnations, right? Many (I’ll guess most) of the readers who drop in to Indies Unlimited have and use an eReader and the Kindle brand is the one owned by more than any other.

Authors (who ought to be readers too) might also own one to validate the formatting of their eBooks, as well as for reading. So, for all the Kindle owners, how many ways do you know to get a file onto your Kindle? I’m willing to bet there are more ways than you realize. Continue reading “Stuff Your Kindle”