So You’ve Decided to Become an Indie Author…

You’re one of those people with a vivid imagination and a way with words. Your friends all tell you you are smart or deep or articulate or funny or witty or creative. You spin stories and people love those stories. They have been telling you for years you should write a book, because they would definitely buy that book.

Maybe you have characters in your head whose stories are demanding to be told, who will not leave you alone until you sit down at a computer and let it flow. Maybe these characters in your head talk to you, and you talk back to them, and the medication doesn’t seem to be helping at all.

So, you’ve decided to become an indie author. Wise choice. Now you’re thinking about:

  • Fame
  • Wealth
  • Critical Acclaim

These are just three of the things that won’t be happening anytime soon. But don’t worry, all is not lost. I’m here with some helpful tips on how to survive on an indie author income of tens of dollars a year. You won’t have to do this for long, of course, because your big break is right around the corner. I can feel it. But, until then, this may be a big adjustment if you’re used to having things like spending money and electricity. Here are 7 suggestions that will help ease the transition: Continue reading “So You’ve Decided to Become an Indie Author…”

Open Q & A with Benevolent Evil Mastermind Stephen Hise

As you all know I am a friendly, helpful, and  approachable guy.  People have always come to me for advice—well, not advice per se, more like questions really. Questions like:

“Would you mind sitting somewhere else?”

“Where’s my wallet?”

“What are you doing outside that window?”

“When was the last time you saw the decedent?”

You know—the usual stuff. Obviously people see me as a guy with the answers. Probably not the answers you are looking for, but answers nonetheless. I’ve decided to put my amazing powers of snark at your service. So go ahead and ask a question. I will answer you. After all, it costs you nothing to ask and profits you nothing to receive my answer. Probably because IU is a non-profit organization—as far as I can tell.


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