Yes, Author Interviews are Worthwhile

InterviewA few weeks ago the Evilest Mastermind of them all had a post about author interviews, questioning whether they are worthwhile. One of the things I do away from Indies Unlimited is run a site called The IndieView. For those who haven’t visited, the content consists of three main things. (Watch me subtly plug the site here. I’ll bet no one even notices.) First, a database of indie friendly book review sites for authors in search of potential reviewers. Second, an index of recent reviews from a slew of different sites which readers can visit and scan looking for books that might appeal to them. And last of all (the only thing I would have mentioned were I not sneaking in a plug) interviews with indie authors and reviewers.

Given The IndieView’s interview content, I almost feel obligated to argue against what the EM had to say about author interviews. The reality is, every point he made (okay, make that almost every point to give me a little wiggle room) was right, for him. However, I’m not sure it is right for everyone. Some of my points were probably made in the comments to the original post, but repetition is good, right? So here’s my rebuttal. Hmm. I think I’ll do this using the same style Joe Konrath uses when fisking the spokesmodels of traditional publishing. That’s bound to be fun. Continue reading “Yes, Author Interviews are Worthwhile”

Sincerely Yours, Me

I know, I know – email is so 20th century. Unfortunately, though, not everybody has bought a smartphone and/or developed lightning-quick thumbs. For your Neanderthal correspondents, you will still have to send emails from time to time. And email is probably the most common form of communication for businesses, now that faxes have gone to the technological dungheap. (And good riddance. That thermal paper was annoying.)

But cheer up, Bunky – you can make your emails part of your personal brand, and squeeze in a little marketing while you’re at it. Just customize your signature with a few links. Continue reading “Sincerely Yours, Me”

Favicon, Schmavicon

I damaged my little toe last week. Tiny and insignificant it may be but oh boy does it hurt. Small things are like that, you may not notice them when they’re working fine but when they’re not they can cause all manner of mayhem. Take favicons for example, short for Favourites Icon. You probably hardly notice the effect they have on your browsing behaviour but they’re powerful little chaps.

Take this for example…

or this…

…instant recognition?

You probably know that favicons are to be found in the tabs of your browsing windows. Lin Robinson introduced us to them here. Continue reading “Favicon, Schmavicon”

Building Your Brand

Welcome to The Learning Curve. I am chronicling my journey as a new writer in hopes of inspiring you to put that bag of chips down, step away from the television, and tell the world a good story.

Building Your Brand

Last month Jim Devitt told you the importance of using a single identifying image across your social media network. When someone sees your post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or your blog, they should immediately recognize that you are the one posting it, before they ever read a single word. That’s good advice folks. Continue reading “Building Your Brand”

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