Much Ado About Marketing

Courtesy of Majickal Graphics

I like New Year’s resolutions and setting goals. On New Year’s Day, while my husband and I recover from the previous night’s festivities, we watch football and I open the new desk calendar. It has become my tradition to sit with this calendar and copy, from the old one, the birthdays and other important events I will need to remember during the brand new year. I enjoy looking at some of the interesting things that I did during the past year. Then, I close the calendar and put it on the shelf with all the others I have saved. I am sentimental and not a little superstitious. Those who know and love me have used the appellation “hoarder”, affectionately. Continue reading “Much Ado About Marketing”

An Analysis of Best Practices for Social Media Marketing


I attended a webinar this week that provided some interesting stats. The data came from one of the leaders in social media marketing, Hubspot. The data came from their rather large database so the sample size was extensive. The results provided some surprises, both with what did happen and what didn’t happen. Continue reading “An Analysis of Best Practices for Social Media Marketing”