Authors Can Share Words as Images to Widen Reach

regret_tlt_quoteYou’ve probably seen them. You may even have shared them: an image that contains a really cool quote.

Last month, Jim Devitt told us that images get more interaction than text, so turning text from your novel into an image is a great way to increase reach, while getting out word about your book. Image quotes also allow authors to interact on image-based social media (like Pinterest) with something other than their book covers.

If you think image quotes are something you’d like to try, here is the skinny on what you need to know to make it work. Continue reading “Authors Can Share Words as Images to Widen Reach”

Why Waste Time on Pinterest?

pinterestWhy should authors care about Pinterest? I considered this question as I stared at the blank Word document. Should I try to convince you that fifteen minutes a day several times per week pinning and interacting on the site could find you new readers for your work? I have always liked a challenge.

The last time I looked I had 1783 followers on the main page of my profile. This isn’t a huge number by Pinterest business standards. I am connected to pinners who have over fifty thousand followers. You must admit that is a big number. How did they gain so many followers? Are they celebrities? No, they are business people who recognized early on the unique draw of this social media site. Continue reading “Why Waste Time on Pinterest?”

Facebook No Longer #1 … For Teens

Twitter #1 platform for Teens
Source: Piper Jaffray

We write about it all the time in these posts. As authors, we must diversify our marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the copious amounts of other options all play a role in connecting with our audience. Sometimes, we focus on one platform or another and spend most of our time there. That’s not a bad idea, unless that becomes your only platform. Continue reading “Facebook No Longer #1 … For Teens”

Does AuthorsDB Fit into Your Marketing Basket?

You may have seen social media flutterings about AuthorsDB, a website that lets you enroll your books and/or your writing services in their free database and get…(sigh) free exposure. Yes, for free. Totally free. What’s the catch? Glad you asked. Well, there isn’t really much of one that I could see, even after employing Rich Meyer’s due diligence procedures. The philosophy of the site, however, reminds me of my local food coop, where you get a discount equal to what you choose to put in: slicing cheese, tagging tomatoes, putting up flyers all over town, or working the cash register. Continue reading “Does AuthorsDB Fit into Your Marketing Basket?”