Another New Indies Unlimited Release!

FREE TODAY!!!  We are pleased to announce the release of the latest title in the indispensable Indies Unlimited collection:Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World Volume II.

Today, everyone is online: from your grandmother to your five-year-old nephew. The most effective way to keep in touch, and to market a business on a small budget, is via the Internet.

But the Internet can be intimidating to many, especially folks who didn’t grow up with a computer attached to them.

In the Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World Series, Indies Unlimited aims to take the scariness out of being online for newbies, and hopes to help those with more experience expand their Web footprint, whether it’s for personal use or product marketing.

Written in easy to understand language, Volume II of this series offers over ninety (90) tutorials, tips, and introductions to basics, such as capturing a URL, to how to make an animated GIF. For those who are more comfortable with their online presence, materials range from how to use Pinterest for marketing, to how to build a static website in WordPress, and many others. And, there is an entire section dedicated to authors which includes articles on book formatting, book promotion, and more.

Don’t be left behind in the dust of technology. The experts at Indies Unlimited are here to help.

Compiled and edited by K.S. Brooks, foreword by Stephen Hise. Written by K.S. Brooks, Melissa Bowersock, Lynne Cantwell, Martin Crosbie, Al Kunz, Rich Meyer, Carolyn Steele, Krista Tibbs, and Carol Wyer.

In Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World Volume II is now available on, Amazon UK, and all Amazon stores worldwide. It’s free today, so hurry up and grab yours!

Don’t forget about Volume I which is available from Amazon US, Smashwords, and Amazon UK. Don’t be the last person on the planet without one.

Twitter Tips – Let Others Help You Send YOUR Message

A few weeks ago I shared a couple of cheat sheets with you for the major social media sites. You can find those for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ here and YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn here.

Today, I wanted to give you a couple of more little tricks. We see them all the time. Things like  this:

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