Video Trailer: Paulie Potatoes Gangster Crusader

On March 10th 2012, 14-year old Paulie Potatoes, along with the rest of the teenagers of earth, inherited superpowers. Seeing this as a threat to his way of life, Mob boss Bobby Biaggio Bigotta, better known as Biggie Boom Boom, knows that he must stop Paulie and his friends by all means necessary.

Unexpectedly, Biggie resists his instincts to fight and instead he extends an invitation for Paulie to join his gang. Paulie must now decide between a life of crime or a life as a superhero. Will Paulie walk down this underworld path, blinded by wealth or will he use his newfound powers to keep the streets safe from the gangland that plagues Niagaratown?

Paulie Potatoes Gangster Crusader, the teen sci-fi/action adventure novel by B.R. Stranges, is available from, Amazon UK, and Smashwords.

Video Trailer: Deviations

deviationsFormer police detective Karen Seagate is drinking herself to oblivion and having dangerous sex with losers from the bar when the new police chief tracks her down. It seems there were problems with her departure. A high-profile murder gives Seagate a chance to work as a detective again … but the new chief is one for the rules, and Seagate has too many deviations from official protocol. These deviations might get her fired. They might also get her killed. But she’s determined they’ll help her find the killer.



Deviations, the detective novel by Mike Markel, is available from Amazon.comand Amazon UK.

Video Trailer: Bad Spirits

Kate Jones is on the run with a backpack full of money, intent on finding her way back to the United States from Mexico. Unfortunately, a ruthless drug lord named Salazar is just as intent on finding her, retrieving his stolen money, and making her pay for ever having left him. Is there anyone she can trust?

Bad Spirits is a fast-paced, action-packed novella. Just when you think Kate’s escaped one impossible dilemma, she’s thrown into another perilous situation. Can she survive long enough to make it out alive?

Bad Spirits, the action-adventure thriller by DV Berkom, is available from, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble.

Video Trailer: Into the Vast

When Adan awakes in a research facility known as the Institute he has no memory of who he was. Worse still, the scientists nursing him back to health don’t seem to care. They only seem interested in him as a research project. But the strange technology they’ve fused inside of him and his missing memories are only the beginning as he finds himself swept up in a conflict between the researchers and the last remnants of humanity untouched by their experiments.

Step into the journey of one man to rediscover his own identity and in the process to save humanity from its greatest enemy: itself.

Into the Vast, the high-tech Science Fiction novel by DJ Edwardson, is available from, Amazon UK, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.