Sneak Peek: Gerald and the Wee People

Today, we feature a sneak peek of Greta Burroughs’ young adult fantasy novel, Gerald and the Wee People.

Two teenagers respond to a plea for help and literally fall into another world. They become involved in a war and invent some clever plans to temporarily prevent the enemy from entering the village of the wee people. Time is running out, the gates are getting weaker and the weapon stash is dwindling. Something else has to be done to stop the war.

Gerald, Vernon and six companions embark on a quest to defeat the crazed forest god who is set on destroying all the inhabitants living on that world. They follow a path described in an old prophecy but things do not go as planned.

Gerald and the Wee People is available through, Amazon UK in print and for Kindle, Smashwords and at Barnes & Noble.

Here is an excerpt from Gerald and the Wee People: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Gerald and the Wee People”

Video Trailer: Amira, Immortal Daughter from Penglai

Today we have the video trailer for author Lon Dee’s young adult fantasy novel, Amira, Immortal Daughter from Penglai:

Leaving a lonely existence on the mythical island of Penglai, young immortal Amira enters the mortal world and struggles to understand and trust others. Are they befriending her because they need her help, or because of her beauty, or do they truly care for her? Can she trust and love a young mortal man, or is he deceiving her? Caught in a battle between well-organized bandits and the residents of a peaceful valley, she ultimately must decide if she’s willing to risk her own destruction to save those who’ve befriended her.

Amira, Immortal Daughter from Penglai is available from

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