Sneak Peek: Lunar Regeneration by Debbie Hope

Lunar Regeneration - Debbie HopeToday we have a sneak peek of Lunar Regeneration, the first book in Debbie Hope’s young adult romantic fantasy Immortal MacAbre Series:

A dark fifteen year old girl, Danni, isn’t a natural heroine, more of an anti-heroine. Everything terrifies her; Sports day, a school phobia and especially the dark are all problems. Danni has always been frightened of the dark but she doesn’t know there is good reason for her fear until she moves to Edinburgh. As soon as she meets James MacAbre with his perfect face, fair hair and soft Scottish lilt; he draws her gaze like a lit Christmas tree in a darkened room. He is film star gorgeous and she immediately mistrusts him because of those exceptional looks. 

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