A Writer’s Bane: The Disease’s of Apostrophe’s

its vs its todays lesson chalkboardI first began to notice it many years ago. Some people had trouble with its and it’s, a common confusion. But then it began to spread, like a cancer, across Facebook and Twitter, those bastions of common usage and colloquialism. When it began showing up in writers’ forums, I knew it was reaching epic proportions. The virulent, creeping Disease’s of the Apostrophe’s.

  • “I bought some DVD’s …”
  • “How many like’s can I get …”
  • “Where can I promote my book’s for Kindle…”

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Doing an Author Interview on ArtistFirst Radio

artistfirst radio networkOnce in a while, trolling on Facebook produces something positive. I was taking a break from writing and stumbled across a post from another author friend “advertising” a call for artists and authors to do a radio show. There was a contact email, so I decided what the heck; sales have been in the dumps lately, what could it hurt?

I emailed Doug Dahlgren, the host of the show, letting him know I was interested. He got right back to me, and then we had a wonderful, lively phone call in which he informed me that it was an HOUR long program! The show airs on Mondays at 7 p.m. EST, as Doug lives in Georgia. The entire show is done via phone/internet (podcast). Continue reading “Doing an Author Interview on ArtistFirst Radio”