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Thrifty Thursday eBooks Such a Deal!You must know what day it is by now – it’s Thrifty Thursday! And have we got some bargains for you! That’s right, here at Indies Unlimited each Thursday, we make it super easy for you to find hot free and 99 cent eBook deals. Make sure to tell your friends to come on over to Thrifty Thursday and check ’em out!

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43 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Such eBook Deals!”

  1. Amadea: One Spring in France
    Michelle Granas
    Part Marcel Pagnol and part Georgette Heyer in tone, a story of love and friendship in a French village. New release.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  2. Swans Are Fat Too
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  3. Suppose: Drabbles, Flash Fiction, and Short Stories
    By Kathy Steinemann, Amber Hayward, A.L. Kaplan, and Donna Milward
    Over sixty tales of humor, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and life experiences so unbelievable that they have been disguised as fiction.

    Reduced to 99 cents for the next few weeks.

  4. Rise to Power
    Uvi Poznansky
    The story of David as you have never heard it before: telling the unofficial version, the one he never allowed his court scribes to recount.

    $0.99 07/30/2015-08/05/2015

  5. Shahab: A Short Story
    by Roji Abraham
    Two friends, a software engineer and a database administrator who work together, forge an unlikely friendship with their 11 year old waiter.

    FREE on July 30

  6. BeeYOUtiful: A Storybook & Mindfulness Activity Guide for Busy Little Bees
    by Kristi L. Kremers
    This delightfully illustrated book for children is purposefully designed to increase the awareness of children for their varied experiences

    Permanently FREE on Amazon US

  7. Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law
    Michelle Granas
    Cordelia is disabled and painfully shy but is forced to take action when a stranger needs her help—an Amazon bestseller set in Poland.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  8. Balls To You
    Clive Balls
    Comedy memoir by the alter-ego of an obscure musician.

    $0.99 (£0.99 UK) from 31st July to 7th August at the Kindle Store.

  9. Dark Tidings
    by Ken Magee
    Ancient magic meets the Internet. Modern life will never be the same again.

    99c until the end of August (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

  10. The Island Game: The Inside Story of Seaward Isle
    Joni Parker
    Olivia Richards, an American journalist stranded on Seaward Isle, investigates the Elf island.

    99 cents

  11. Life Lessons
    J. R. Hopkins
    A father’s life lessons makes a lasting impression on the author who imparts some of her own life lessons with photographs.


  12. Life Memories, A memoir of surviving life and preserving memories!
    J. R. Hopkins
    How do you take care of an aging parent with dementia and preserve happy memories of the life you had with them in the face of heartache and pain?


  13. Cookin’ With the Hopkins, Growing up in the Seventies!
    Jacqueline Hopkins
    A collection of the author’s favorite recipes from her childhood with anecdotal stories and photographs.


  14. Insight Kindling (The Call to Search Everywhen, #2)
    Chess Desalls
    Calla faces charges against her for changing the past.

    Reduced to 99¢ until August 10!

  15. A Novel Idea
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A collection of the full first chapters of 12 different novels: romance, paranormal, action, fantasy, spiritual and satire.


  16. Into Tolari Space ~ The First Contact Stories
    by Christie Meierz
    Two SF short stories chronicling humanity’s first encounter with the empathic Tolari.
    Always FREE!

  17. Willowtree, a Bruce DelReno Mystery
    by Mike Bove
    A body found near the golf course in a small Arizona town leads senior sleuth, DelReno, to uncover dark secrets linking the murder to others.

    FREE 7/31 thru 8/2

  18. A Cat To Die For
    Maria Grazia Swan
    Two Calico cats,alike except for one detail. The love of Mina’s life, Diego Moran and a Greek heiress. Now the adventure begins.
    $.99 on Amazon

  19. Free Tools For Writers, Bloggers & Solopreneurs
    By Karen Banes
    Free tools, apps and resources to help you run your blog, website or other online business on a shoestring budget.

    Always 99 cents

  20. I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak
    S.A. Molteni
    This collection follows the author in her sometimes humorous transition from “I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak” and the lessons that are learned along the way.

    FREE 7/30 through 8/2

  21. Demon Dance
    by Brian Freyermuth
    Can a broken PI, a Voodoo houngan and a vampire uncover a demonic conspiracy before it’s too late? Book 1 of the Sundancer Series.

    .99 cent on Amazon.

  22. Eden Green
    by Fiona van Dahl
    A rationalist young woman fights to understand the alien needle symbiote that is steadily corrupting her best friend’s body.

    99c 7-30 through 8-2 (premieres on Friday,but you can preorder on Thursday for the same price)

  23. And What’s Your Life’s Drama?
    Stelios Nicolaou
    Five easy steps to remove drama from your life and set your soul free.

    The book sells for just 99 cents for the next seven days.

  24. Prince of Malorn (Annals of Alasia Book 3)
    by Annie Douglass Lima
    A stand-alone novel about a young Prince and his story of survival and the reclaiming of his throne.

    FREE until August 1

  25. A Backed Up John: A Story of Gods, Goddesses, Mortals, and the Odd Stuff In Between
    By Michael McAfee
    A comedy of errors takes John Smythe on an adventure he’ll never forget through Ancient Greece.

    The book is always 99 cents

  26. 1. Stranger or Friend, a literary mystery
    2. Silvia Villalobos
    3. Zoe Sinclair finds her hometown reeling from the murder of her best friend, while unnerved by strange cries coming from the woods.

    5. The book is 99 cents (August 11-12)

  27. Death at Penrose Hill: A Historical Murder Mystery
    by Rebecca Moisio
    Love at first sight becomes a twisted game of killer hide-and-seek, as Rebecca races to discover the identity of the murderer before he strikes again.

    FREE on August 2

  28. Low Carb Recipes for Weight Loss: 21 Delicious, Quick and Simple Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss
    by Jane E. Johnson
    This book is about feeling good, increasing energy, getting yourself as healthy as possible and making all this happen in the simplest way possible.

    FREE on August 3 – 4

  29. Immortown
    Lily Markova
    A ghostly and queer YA novel with a bar and an ocean inside.

    $0.99 in August

  30. 1. Book title – Shahab : A Short Story
    2. Author – Roji Abraham
    A software engineer and a database administrator forge a friendship with their 11 year old waiter – a friendship that has a profound impact on all their lives.

    5. Whether your book is free or 99 cents : 99 cents till Aug 31 2015

  31. 30 Days To $1K: Learn How to Minimize Your Expenses, Eliminate Your Debt and Build Your Savings!
    by Adam Carroll
    It’s time to take back control and manage that money, manage it right into an extra $1,000 over the next 30 days!

    $0.99 until August 8th

  32. Murder in Calico Gold: A Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery
    by Dianne Harman
    Six time ‘Amazon All Star Author’ comes out with another book in the best selling Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series.

    $0.99 until August 15th

  33. Mama’s Boy
    by Abdul-Sataar Mohammed
    Hunted by mercenaries and flying monsters, 17 year old Aldyn has to survive a death sentence to save his mother and her ailing heart.

    99cents for the rest of the month

  34. 99 Perseverance Success Stories: Encouragement for Success in Every Walk of Life
    by Michal Stawicki
    This book has an emotional charge that will have you reaching for the tissues or turning the page…

    FREE on August 5th

  35. The Body in the Bed
    by Jerold Last
    Murder and espionage are seamlessly mixed with the political and cultural aspects of modern day life in Montevideo, Uruguay.

    $0.99 on Amazon Kindle; Free from Kindle Unlimited.

  36. It’s Okay to be Different Thorina-Bina
    by Barbara Lougheed
    Odd cat feels all alone until she meets other animals in the forest and finds that everyone is different in their own way. Children’s book.

    99 cent introductory special till 8/31/15.

  37. A Hawaiian Family Vacation: Oahu
    by Barbara Lougheed
    Former Honolulu resident shows mainland-born husband and son the beaches, sights, & “local” food on Oahu when they visit. Oahu guidebook.

    99 cent Kindle Countdown Deal till next Wed, 8/12/15

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