Book Promotion Through Kobo Writing Life

Author Bruce FottlerGuest Post
by Bruce Fottler

Remember Kobo? They’re the Canadian eBook retailer where many of us distribute our titles through Smashwords or D2D. Since I could count on one hand how many books I’ve sold there, I wanted to bring some life to this lethargic retail channel.

My first step was to withdraw my books from the Smashwords Kobo channel and deal directly with Kobo Writing Life. What I thought would be a hassle was actually a surprisingly smooth process. Smashwords withdrew my titles from Kobo within 24 hours, and I found the Kobo Writing Life setup/upload interface simple and straightforward. I had my titles entered and uploaded within a day. It took another day for them to go live, which is similar to the Kindle Direct process. Continue reading “Book Promotion Through Kobo Writing Life”

Where’s Print Book Party?

Mr Pish looking through binoculars in Mr Pish's Woodland Adventure
I know Print Book Party is here somewhere!

We imagine you’re looking for this week’s Print Book Party. Well, there isn’t one.

You see, print book prices don’t change weekly (or even daily) like eBook prices do, so we decided to give the admins a break (they were getting cranky from overwork – since they don’t get paid, you know), and only run Print Book Party on the first Sunday of every month.

You can still post your book to the most recent installment of Print Book Party by clicking here and clicking on the headline at the top of the list. After you click on the headline, you will be brought to the most recent post where you can scroll down and list your book. Please make sure not to drop and run! Share the post with your followers so they know where they can find your print book along with a bunch of others. Then it doesn’t make it all about “you” so you are not actually self-promoting. Capische?

And make sure to follow the rules of Print Book Party. We do this all for you, and all for free, so please pay attention. If you go over the 140 character description (and that is CHARACTER not WORD, people!!), the admins will delete some words, leave others, and MAYBE they will make sense. You don’t want to be THAT guy, do you?

So go forth, be free, enjoy your Sunday, and thanks for being here at Indies Unlimited.