Indies Unlimited Inspires and Moves Writers Forward

Happy authors at indies unlimited approval-15914_960_720For all of us who blog, I am guessing it’s a common experience. We write a new blog post, we upload it and wait, however patiently or impatiently, for reactions or comments. And we get… nothing.


At Indies Unlimited, we always get comments, sometimes tons of them, and many readers talk about using the information we’ve supplied, but do they? It’s not always easy to know if what we’ve made available has been truly helpful, and/or if that person has applied the information and/or gotten any results from it. For those of us who are paying it forward, we LOVE hearing about your successes. For those of us who have blazed the trail, we LOVE hearing that others were able to follow our path and get where they wanted to go. It’s a phenomenal feeling to know that we have helped someone reach their dream and do what they never thought they could do. After all, we’ve been there. Continue reading “Indies Unlimited Inspires and Moves Writers Forward”