Writers’ Font: Tips and Encouragement for Beginning Fiction Writers

Writers font series advice for beginning authorsIntroducing Writers’ Font, a monthly series devoted to beginning fiction writers.

My author tagline reads: Candace Williams is a late-blooming novelist who believes you can live your dream.

Easy for me to say, right? It was not easy for me to become a novelist. I was 63 when my first book was published. I’ll be 66 when the next one comes out. Yet, for many years I had dreams of being a novelist. Dreaming isn’t doing, though, is it? I hope it will be easier for you, at whatever age you decide to start. In this Writers’ Font series, I want to encourage aspiring writers to start living their own dream, now, by sharing my journey. If you’re dreaming the same dream, maybe Writers’ Font can help. Continue reading “Writers’ Font: Tips and Encouragement for Beginning Fiction Writers”