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Kindle Unlimited Hump Day 1Hey authors – are you enrolled in KDP Select? Then this is for you. Hey readers – do you have a Kindle Unlimited membership? Then this is for you, too! Scroll on down – you can get all these books for FREE. Not sure what Kindle Unlimited is? Our Lynne Cantwell tells you right here. So…

Readers: look in the comment section below. If you see a book that interests you, click over and reserve your copy. How easy is that? (If you don’t see the book covers, adjust your browser’s adblock settings.)

Authors: if you have a book enrolled in KDP Select, that means it’s available through the Kindle Unlimited Program. Post your book’s info FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. Authors who do not follow instructions will have their comments deleted.

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39 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited Friday – Free August eBooks”

  1. Concealed
    RJ Crayton
    Uncovering the secrets concealed below may be the only way for 17-year-old Elaan Woodson to truly be safe. (Book one of series; entire series is in KU)

    Regularly $2.99

  2. A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales
    John D. Ottini
    This book contains four heartwarming Christmas stories about our feline friends and the humans who love them.

    Regular price – 2.99

  3. People Behaving Badly: A Collection of Short Mystery Stories
    John D. Ottini
    Mystery and suspense stories highlighting the frailty of the human mind when confronted with the choice between good judgment and bad behavior.

    Regular Price – 2.99

  4. Evil Under The Moon
    Helen Haught Fanick
    Sisters Andrea and Kathleen invade the local country club to solve the murder of one of the club’s waitresses.

    Free with Kindle Unlimited

  5. Indies Unlimited’s 2015 Flash Fiction Anthology
    51 stories by 36 different authors from around the world, with full color pictures
    Normally $1.99, free with KU

  6. Triple Dog Dare
    Brooks & Hise
    Can 3 adorable dogs straighten out the mess caused by a zany cast of characters?
    Normally $3.99, Free with KU

  7. Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1
    Stephen R. Paolini
    In a world divided by a war between dragon and vampire, a boy is born both vampire and dragon rider.

    Normally $1.99, FREE with KU

  8. 1. Courage
    2. Lena North
    3. A heartwarming and magical tale about loyalty and trust, following Vilda’s adventures as she finds out who she is and where she belongs.

    5. $2.99 or free with KU

  9. 1. Reason
    2. Lena North
    3. Sannah, the good girl, calm and polite – and an expert at throwing knives. Suddenly she has to do bad things in the name of love and fury.

    5. $2.99 or free with KU

  10. 1. Joy
    2. Lena North
    3. Troy can lighten hearts and strained moments with his wit and charm. He can also kill with deadly precision and he will.

    5. $2.99 or free with KU

  11. 1. Ice Cold Passion: and other stories
    2.Judi Moore
    3. We are all outsiders at some time – outside looking in: here are nine stories about how it feels to march to the beat of a different drum.

    5. £2.00

  12. Is death really necessary?
    by Judi Moore
    A near-future dystopian thriller set in Scotland encompassing, inter alia, the death of petrol-based transport, immortality and golf carts

    free until (and including) Wed 24 August, 2016

      1. Thank you very much for that, KS. Of course, the book won’t be free by Thursday (it’s that 5-day-free thing that I’m doing).

        I’m a British author and all my books are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited over here. But I see on that no mention is made of Kindle Unlimited on my listings, only about a free app (which doesn’t seem to be the same thing). I’ve got a query in to Amazon’s KDP Select team about it. If I get anything useful from them I’ll try reposting.

        1. It shows as being in Kindle Unlimited here on my screen. And yes, you got it, you can post to this past week’s Thrifty Thursday thread.

          All the best,

          1. Isn’t it odd, that the book shows as in KU for you (who is in the US), but not for me (who is not). Amazon do like to keep their US and UK operations separate – but as it’s all one market, really, for authors I don’t understand why. If I get any dialogue with Amazon’s KDP team I shall certainly ask them about that. Thanks again.

          2. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that. Author friends in Canada and UK ask me to check their pricing during Countdowns because they can’t see the US cost, only their own. No worries. 🙂

  13. Fleischerhaus
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A woman experiences a past-life memory of being murdered during the Holocaust and struggles to bring justice to the person she used to be.

    Regularly $4.99

  14. Burning Through
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A woman realizes her house is haunted by a fire-setting ghost and races to discover the secret to the fires before they consume her.

    Regularly $4.99

  15. Title: Wooden Bell from the Past: A Novella
    Regular Price: $2.99 (Free from August 21 2016 to August 25 2016)
    Author Name: David Richard
    Description: Dream of 19th century; became true in 21st century.

  16. 1. Mickey Take: When a debt goes bad…
    2. Steven Hayward
    3. Losing his City job and beautiful wife is starting to feel like the least of Mickey Field’s problems.

    5. $3.99

  17. Annalise’s Up and Down Day
    by Denise L. Jenne
    Exploring her world, a toddler finds there are just as many misadventures as adventures in a day, as seen in this children’s picture book.
    Normal price $5

  18. The Alex Cave Series Book 1. Dead Energy. A sci-fi mystery.
    By James M. Corkill
    Society starts to crumble. A #1 bestseller by this award-winning author.

    Reg. $4.99

  19. The Alex Cave Series book 2, Cold Energy. A sci-fi mystery.
    by James M. Corkill
    The polar ice sheet mysteriously expands by thousands of square miles in a matter of minutes.

    Reg. $4.99

  20. The Alex Cave Series book 3. Red Energy. A sci-fi mystery. (Cold Energy part 2)
    By James M. Corkill
    An ancient artifact could cause the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano.

    Reg. $4.99

  21. The Alex Cave Series books 1,2 &3 box set. Sci-fi mysteries.
    By James M. Corkill
    Fuel supplies along the west coast of the US start to disappear and society starts to crumble, pitting human against human.

    Reg. $7.99

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