Indie Author Newsbreak 7-20-2018

indie author newsGreetings scribblers, scribes, pixel pounders, and ink slingers! The Admins at Indies Unlimited have sojourned across the great expanse of the interwebz to bring you the finest shade-grown, fair trade, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free tidbits for your infotainment pleasure. So, knock the cat off your lap and prepare to be smartified.

  1. Amy Collins shares some excellent thoughts on how to keep your followers engaged without marketing them to death.
  2.  Correct usage of symbols is important. Incorrect usage can undermine the authority of a writer. Mark Nichol provides guidance on the correct usage of raised symbols.
  3. Stay vigilant. As long as there is a dime to be made from a gullible author, predators will continue to flourish. Writer Beware puts out a new Vanity Publisher alert.
  4. One frequently given piece of writerly advice is along the lines of “Learn to write well by reading well-written books.” But we can also learn from mistakes. Dana Sitar posits 4 ways reading bad writing can make your writing better.
  5. And in a long overdue explanation, Jenna Blum illuminates Productive Procrastination.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to tune in next Friday as we tackle the philosophical question of the ages: If a glass spills in the forest, was it half full or half empty?

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