Update: Glossary Generator for Writers is Online!

glossary book-1850739_640 courtesy of pixabayGuest Post by
James Murdo

If you read my article back in March, you’ll recall that I wrote a software program called Glossary Generator (GG) to generate glossaries for books so we writers didn’t have to do it manually. At that time, was only available as a Microsoft download, however now the tool is available fully online, meaning you don’t need to download it to your computer.

Why did I create GG?

Writers, especially Indie writers, have many constraints on their time. No one can possibly master all the processes of being ‘an author’ in a time-efficient manner. Certain tools exist to help with proof-reading, marketing, and so on, but glossary generation often remains a painstaking, procrastination-worthy task. Continue reading “Update: Glossary Generator for Writers is Online!”