The Future Will Be Monthly: Subscription Models for Authors

Subscribe Button courtesy of pixabay.comGuest Post
by James Palmer

Netflix. Lootcrate. Amazon Prime. Everyone has at least heard of most of these, and you probably subscribe to one or two of them. From TV to men’s razors, the subscription model is catching on with consumers.

According to Deloitte, 69% of households now subscribe to one or more video streaming subscription services. A survey conducted by Global Banking and Finance Review reported that 70% of business leaders say subscription business models will be key to their prospects in the years ahead.

How can publishing get in on this thriving new trend? Let me count the ways. Continue reading “The Future Will Be Monthly: Subscription Models for Authors”

Update: Glossary Generator for Writers is Online!

glossary book-1850739_640 courtesy of pixabayGuest Post by
James Murdo

If you read my article back in March, you’ll recall that I wrote a software program called Glossary Generator (GG) to generate glossaries for books so we writers didn’t have to do it manually. At that time, was only available as a Microsoft download, however now the tool is available fully online, meaning you don’t need to download it to your computer.

Why did I create GG?

Writers, especially Indie writers, have many constraints on their time. No one can possibly master all the processes of being ‘an author’ in a time-efficient manner. Certain tools exist to help with proof-reading, marketing, and so on, but glossary generation often remains a painstaking, procrastination-worthy task. Continue reading “Update: Glossary Generator for Writers is Online!”

A New Writer’s Tool: Glossary Generator

glossary book-1850739_640 courtesy of pixabayGuest Post by
James Murdo

Writers face competing demands for their time, many of which are highly manual and slow processes. One such process, which is especially important for Science Fiction writers, is glossary generation. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple piece of software to speed this up? Well, that’s what ‘Glossary Generator’ is for. Simply input your manuscript and wait for the generator to do its work! Continue reading “A New Writer’s Tool: Glossary Generator”

Tracking Kindle Sales with Book Report

book report logoIf you’re selling eBooks through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) process, you most likely check your sales through the KDP interface ( The KDP interface defaults to your book(s) dashboard, but if you click on Reports in the top menu, it’ll take you to your sales dashboard where you can view your units sold, Kindle Edition Normalized Pages Read for KU (Kindle Unlimited) and KOLL (Kindle Lending Library), and your accrued royalties for the month. You can also customize the view by changing the dates, sorting on specific books or on specific marketplaces.

This is all well and good, but I find the interface to be rather lackluster.

Enter Book Report. Continue reading “Tracking Kindle Sales with Book Report”