Following Your Passion

Author L.A. Lewandowski

I don’t want to introduce myself by being trite or speaking in clichés. But in reading the previous introductory posts of my fellow writers here on Indies Unlimited one thing is very apparent: we’ve all pursued writing as a passion or maybe even as the great love of our lives. And in the case of Indies Unlimited, I feel as if I’ve been given a Golden Ticket, a la Willy Wonka. Thank you Stephen Hise for the generous opportunity.

For me, the knowledge that I was a writer was not as innate as some of my contemporaries. I did have passions, starting with my desire to be a professional ballet dancer. Realizing I wasn’t good enough to feed myself caused a stunning bipolar reaction: why not become an attorney instead? That didn’t work out either. Law school is grueling not to mention expensive and I was already supporting myself and soon to be married. Second passion down the drain. Continue reading “Following Your Passion”

Lessons Learned by Lois Lewandowski

Lois Lewandowski
Author Lois Lewandowski

I broke out in a cold sweat.

The message from my editor was polite but clear. What I had sent her, in the single-spaced Pages format as multiple attachments, broadcast exactly what she would be dealing with if I became her client: A wet behind the ears newbie who had a lot to learn. In fact, I needed to learn everything at an accelerated pace because the book was ready for a professional look, and perhaps a professional polish.

I left my computer on that night hoping that in the morning, much like the millers’ daughter in “Rumpelstiltskin” I would find my document in the professional format I could send off to editor heaven. Alas, when I awoke the next morning my computer was as I had left it, awaiting my colorful vocabulary as I begged it to help me. Continue reading “Lessons Learned by Lois Lewandowski”

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