Happy Amazon Shopping, Everyone!

snowflake holiday shopping timeAs the holiday season nears, people will be shopping for thoughtful gifts and little extras they may need to accommodate seasonal visitors. More often than ever before, people will do a lot of that shopping online, and Amazon.com will get the lion’s share of digital retail.

That’s no surprise. Not only does Amazon sell everything under the sun, but it has made customer satisfaction a priority with competitive pricing, rapid delivery, and no-hassle return policies.

Indies Unlimited is an Amazon affiliate, which means that if you order something from Amazon though any link you click here, they will pay us a few pennies for the referral. It costs you nothing more to get your shopping done and to support Indies Unlimited at the same time! So, here is a thought: If you are going to shop Amazon this holiday season anyway and you are already right here on Indies Unlimited, why not get to Amazon by clicking here?

We’re not trying to guilt you into anything. We won’t mention all the free content we’ve provided, the helpful tutorials, or free promotional opportunities we make available for authors. No, mentioning that stuff is not our style. Nor will we remind you that IU is run by volunteers who largely do all this out of a sense of responsibility to the indie author community. After all, our humility is a real point of pride. (ahem)

All we’re asking is that if you’re going to buy something from Amazon anyway (and who hasn’t?), that you get there though Indies Unlimited. That goes almost without saying for things like books and Kindles, but even if you decide to get Great Aunt Ida that case of baked beans she’s always wanted, Amazon will toss us a scrap if you go there through an IU link.

So, what do you say? Seems like a win-win proposition. After all, we don’t want to have to send BigAl to sidle up to you to say in his best gangster voice, “Nice shopping list you got there. I’d hate to see something bad happen to it.”

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